2 Major BG BS Customers Take Part in the Yearly Contest of Computerworld „IT project of the Year“


2 of BG Business Solutions customers, Doverie Brico (Mr.Bricolage) and Future Energy, participate in this year’s contest IT Project of the Year“, organized for a thirteenth consecutive year by Computerworld. The objectives of the initiative are to identify the most significant IT projects in 2016, to promote expertise in building IT solutions gained in Bulgarian organizations, to provide information on the extent of use of IT in the country and the role of technology in the Bulgarian companies, enterprises and institutions. The categories in which the projects are competing in 2016 are: National IT projects implemented in the administration; National IT projects implemented in the corporate sector (large industrial companies, financial institutions, etc.), in which Doverie Brico (in the subcategory "Large companies") and Future Energy (in the subcategory "Medium and small companies") compete.

The project in Doverie Brico includes the implementation of SAP’s industry solution for the retail sector - SAP IS Retail, SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects, and recently SAP Hybris - commerce and digital interaction platform.

The project in Future Energy is complex and involves the implementation of SAP’s industry solution for the utilities sector - SAP IS Utility, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Business Planning & Consolidation, SAP Hybris - commerce and digital interaction platform, including Cloud for Customer (SAP’s cloud solution for customer relationship management).

The names of the nominated finalists are not made known until the day of the awards. This year's ceremony, organized by. Computerworld and ICT Media will be held on February, 21st.

BG Business Solutions Successfully Migrates the SAP ERP system of VIVACOM to SAP HANA


VIVACOM Accelerates All Business Processes Within Their ERP System Thanks to the Migration to SAP HANA.

VIVACOM has used SAP ERP system for many years. Mainly are used financial and logistics processes. Information from the basic telecom business of the company is pooled and transferred to SAP from VIVACOM’s billing and CRM systems and is used for the purposes of financial reporting and analysis. All contracts and relationships with the suppliers are also monitored in the system. VIVACOM has been observing closely the development of the SAP HANA technology since it was launched on the market and waited for the appropriate moment to start implementation. VIVACOM chose BG BS as a system integrator in this project because of the numerous references the SAP Partner had for the implementation of similar migration projects.

The main benefit reported by the telecom’s team after the migration is the significantly accelerated processes in the ERP system - between 4 to 10 times depending on the various tasks. Most notable is the difference when processing heavier reports - in the past some of them took hours. Now time necessary for them has been reduced to minutes.

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD, headquartered in Sofia, is the largest telecommunications company in Bulgaria and a former state-owned monopoly. Vivacomis a brand name of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. It began its history back in 1879 with the supply of telegraph services. 136 years later, VIVACOM has become a leader in providing advanced telecommunication solutions for private and business customers - mobile and fixed voice services, optical internet, digital HD TV of the latest generation.

BG Business Solutions with a Completed Project for SAP Business One in Easy Build Bulgaria


Easy Build Bulgaria achieves control over every aspect of their business and automates key business functions in financial, commercial operations, human resources, etc. through the implementation of SAP Business One - SAP SE’ s solution for small and medium enterprises realized by BG Business Solutions. Customers of SAP Business One on a global scale are above 50 000 in 150 countries.

SAP Business One includes 14 functional modules, which cover all key business processes within an organization. Of them, 13 are implemented in Easy Build: Administration – for core settings in the application, Financials– for the definition of Chart of Accounts, Sales – A/R– for management of the sales flow, Purchasing – A/P– for management of the purchase flow, Business Partners– for maintenance of Leads, Customer and Supplier master data, Banking– for Incoming (sales) and Outgoing (purchase) payments, Inventory– for maintenance of master data of goods to be sold/purchased and tracking of their quantity/value in warehouses, Resources– for definition of master data of resources (machines and people) to be used in production (capacity and planning), Production– for maintenance of Bill of Materials master data and creation of production orders, MRP – for definition of forecasts of needed items in sales/production, in order to make purchase order recommendations, Service – for management of service contracts maintenance and service calls, Human Resources – for maintenance of employee master data (Names, contract information, roles, etc.), Reports – for different analyses.

Easy Build Bulgaria AD provides design, construction of sports buildings and facilities; supply and installation of sports flooring and equipment; supply and installation of industrial flooring for public and industrial premises and buildings; designing, building waterproofing, thermal insulation systems for public and industrial buildings; designing and building insulation systems for road and rail. equipment.

Easy Build Bulgaria AD implement projects of all types and sizes and has the most modern technology and equipment with which to implement the most advanced projects.

BG BS with nomination in the category „Newcomer of the Year“ at SAP Hybris Summit this February


BG Business Solutions participated in the annual summit of SAP Hybris partners and customers in February, 2016, in Munich, Germany. The event continued for 4 consecutive days filled with various activities. Traditionally, the organizers of Hybris held nominations for its guests from around the world in various categories. BG BS fell among the nominees for "Newcomer of the Year", together with Ecenta and KPIT.

The nomination is a great recognition for the successful approach of BG BS which by expanding its portfolio of offered products and solutions aims to address the customers’ need for commitment. In the past year, the company became a SAP partner for sales, implementation and support of Hybris solutions and in just a few months managed to start the realization of Hybris e-commerce solutions - SAP Hybris B2B and SAP Hybris B2C in leading Bulgarian companies.

Besides the award ceremony, during the 4 days a series of technology demonstrations were organized, and participants were given the opportunity to connect with key leaders in all solution areas. Additional sessions included expert presentations on the digital transformation, contextual customer interaction, etc. Guests of SAP Hybris Summit shared their success stories and best practices for customer engagement.                                                                Hybris was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a great technology company creating superbly engineered commerce solutions. Hybris achieved enormous success and growth in just a few years. Gartner and Forrester have consistently ranked the company a “leader” and placed it among the top two or three commerce and digital interaction platforms in the world. As a result,Hybrisbecamepart of one of the world’s largest and leading enterprise software companies, SAP.Today SAP Hybris solutionsserve businesses of various industries around the globe thanks to its well-developed partner network, part of which is BG Business Solutions.

More impressions ofSAP Hybris Summit can be seen on the following links:

BGBS – Best SAP Cloud Partner in Bulgaria for 2015


BG Business Solutions won the award for Best SAP Cloud Partner in Bulgaria for 2015. The company received the prize during a special meeting of SAP Bulgaria with the media on which Mrs. Rumyana Trencheva, CEO of SAP Bulgaria, and regional executive director of SAP for South Eastern Europe, outlined the tendencies for SAP's development on a global scale, as well as the direction of business development in Bulgaria.

BGBS participates in SuccessFactors implementation project in the Bulgarian company Ficosota, which has an average annual sales growth of 20 % and over 1,000 employees in more than 18 countries. "We were looking for a modern, cloud-based tool to have better understanding of our staff in all these countries and be able to manage their potential and performance. We chose SuccessFactors and with the assistance of BG BS we are at the final stage of the project" said Biser Bogdanov, HR manager of Ficosota”

The company realized successfully the implementation of SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) for Bulgartabac Holding JSC. SAP C4C is the new full featured CRM from SAP in the cloud. It helps customers increase sales effectiveness, respond better to customer requests and engages with them using social media channels. The company also offers the well-known on-premise solutions (SAP ERP, BI, CRM, etc.), as well as Hybris - E-commerce solutions. A new product that will quickly establish itself on our market is GK POS – a leading POS solution on the European market.

Mr. Dragomir Marinov, CEO of BG BS shared that the prize was an acknowledgment of the company’s successful approach which is trying to prove that any organization can afford to invest in SAP. "For the past few years, SAP has turned into an extremely innovative company and covers a wide range of services. Apart from that, the solutions are not that expensive for integration as they were in the past. They can be integrated on a local and global level, and also be made available as a service".

In 2016 BG BS began offering and implementing SAP’s most innovative products on the European market.

BG Business Solutions Realized Successfully the First Project of SAP ERP Implementation on HANA in Bulgaria in Rubin Trading AD


The implementation of the new information system on the in-memory platform HANA guarantees the company's immediate reaction to the changing business environment 

BG Business Solutions, SAP Gold Partner and a member of United VARs, the world’s largest alliance of SAP resellers, announced successful productive start of the implementation project of SAP ERP on SAP HANA in "Rubin Trading" AD.

Rubin is a well-established company with more than 50 years of history in glass containers production. The factory’s Production capacity is over 190 000 000 bottles and jars annually. Major customers of Rubin are manufacturers of wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, preserved food and etc. Our quality products are recommended by our partners in countries like Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, Russia, Kosovo, Latvia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Israel and more. The plant has a material workshop equipped with state-of-the-art systems for the automatic preparation and dosing of raw materials, with 14 electronic scales, 2 dosing lines and 3 mixers, as well as ultra-modern separation plant for recycling, cleaning and separation of waste glass for both colored and colorless glass. The plant has its own electrical distribution network.

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment and to develop as a manufacturer of glass containers on a global level, except using the most advanced technologies in their production processes, the company relies on the most innovative information technologies as well.

For this purpose, Rubin Trading AD chooses BG Business Solutions as a partner on the project, as the aim of the company is SAP ERP to be deployed on the innovative platform SAP HANA which is based on in-memory technologies and can accelerate business processes by 10 up to 100 times. Although this is the first implementation project of SAP ERP on SAP HANA in Bulgaria, BG BS already had experience with the new platform as before Rubin the team of the company successfully migrated the SAP systems of ELD and Tabac Market to the SAP HANA platform.

SAP ERP provides the company with effective management and overall control of the processes of procurement, sales, physical inventory, inventory management and production; material requirement planning to plan all types of materials, automatic availability check and creation of procurement proposals.

Besides improving internal organization through standardization of key business processes, the fact that the company focuses on SAP HANA, which is based on in-memory technology, provides a number of benefits that would have been impossible without it - analyzing huge amounts of data in real time which provides the necessary flexibility and responsiveness to changing conditions in the competitive business environment, accelerating all business processes, reduction of costs for storage, back-up and administration of databases is also expcted.

About BG BS

BG Business Solutions is a SAP Gold Partner for re-selling, implementation, support of SAP solutions, SAP education, as well as a member of United VARs, the world’s largest alliance of SAP resellers. The rich portfolio of the company includesSAP ERP, SAP industry solutions, SAP mobile solutions, SAP cloud solutions, SAP HANA, SAP Success Factors (HCM solutions), CRM solutions, E-Commerce solutions (Hybris), SAP BI, etc. BG BS helps its customersachieve optimization and automation of their business processes, to boost effectiveness and performancewithin short terms, whereas tries to secure maximum return on investment in the respective software solutions.

BG Business Solutions Became Part of a Global Network of SAP Experts


The accession of the company to United VARs is a recognition of the quality of Bulgarian SAP consultants 

The world’s largest alliance of SAP resellers, United VARs, now in Bulgaria, through the membership of BG Business Solutions. The leading IT company in turn became a global SAP partner in United VARs. Previously BG Business Solutions maintained the status of SAP® Gold Partner, the highest level in the partner program of SAP SE and a necessary prerequisite for membership in United VARs.

United VARs provide unified support to international customers, focusing responsibility at a leading partner who coordinates the entire project from management of international teams to the provision of standardized tools and best practices for maintenance, thereby ensuring consistency in the delivery of quality and competent services, which is not affected by local variations specific to each country or region.

“Our membership in United VARs is a strategic step for our company and will help us follow our goal to deliver our customers the most innovative SAP solutions and to help them maximize the value of their investment, no matter where they are and where they do business ", said Mr. Marinov, CEO of BG Business Solutions.

"The accession of BG Business Solutions to United VARs is a recognition of the quality of Bulgarian consultants and their high level of knowledge on SAP products, both traditional and those from the newest generation. With the presence of a Bulgarian partner in the United VARs, exchange of experience and expertise will be further strengthened for all future projects", said Rumiana Trencheva, manager of SAP Bulgaria.

United VARs has been operating since 2006 as a global partner network, providing services to small and medium enterprises throughout the world.  Currently in the organization there are 5000 SAP consultants and the annual revenue amounted to over 1.6 billion dollars. Initially the organization was focused in Central Europe, but grows quickly and now has more than 34 member companies, SAP partners, in all important economic regions in the world and serves over 5,500 customers in more than 73 countries, including Bulgaria.

The partners that make up United VARs have successfully completed more than 300 projects in recent years.

You can see more about United VARs on their site HERE and on You Tube HERE

BG Business Solutions Has Successfully Passed its Recent Audit by "TRANSPACIFIC CERTIFICATIONS LTD.", against the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Standard


BG BS is committed to ensuring the continuity of its business in the face of security breaches and unwanted events and has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the international standard for information security.

The scope of ISMS include all locations, assets and technology in use within all organisation units within BG BS. That includes owned and/or rented locations, assets and technology which is under the direct control of BG BS.

The scope of ISMS also includes all services, delivered by BG BS, such as consulting, implementation and maintenance of SAP and other business information systems; installation and maintenance services for data centers, IT infrastructure solutions and Information Security; services for centralized and efficient purchase of hardware, software, network and communications products.

The company’s compliance with the ISO standard was certified by "TRANSPACIFIC CERTIFICATIONS LTD.", a certification/registration body, internationally accredited with JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System – Australia and New Zealand), which provides internationally recognizedaccreditation services.

This way „BG Business Solutions" meets the growing security requirements of its current and future customers.

You can see the certificate HERE.

Tabak Market and ELD Migrate to SAP HANA

April, 2015

Companies will migrate ERP and BW Modules to the powerful platform. These are the first migrations of existing customers in Bulgaria to SAP HANA.


With the growing needs of modern business, companies need not only value, but additional speed. With the transfer of SAP ERP on SAP HANA, it is expected to simplify the organization and processing of data, the development of the application is expected to reduce the volume of useful data and to facilitate the work of users. Migration will show direct results in the Sales, Marketing, Finance, Logistics Chain and IT departments.

Companies invest in BW to gain visibility on the business and its activities, but are faced with a growing volume of data and time required to obtain the desired information. Moving the application BW on SAP HANA will face these needs, while maintaining the benefits of BW and refine them by providing everything business need faster.

"We expect real-time access to any information that is key to sales, as we aim to achieve real-time analysis of consumption patterns of customers. In this way we would be able to offer more flexible products that are in greatest demand at the moment, and to adapt the marketing strategies to the customer consumption patterns, "said Boris Zahariev, Executive Director of Tabak Market. "For us the HANA migration investment is necessary because of the challenge to grow our business rapidly, while increasing sales revenue and reduce costs. We believe that we can achieve this by optimizing sales opportunities and anticipating market trends, with the large volumes of data from different sources we can use on the moment, thanks to HANA. "- he added.

BG BS Starts an Implementation Project of SAP ERP in Rubin Trading

March  2015

BG BS startsSAP ERP implementation project in Rubin Trading AD. The following functional modules will be implemented – Financial Accouning, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Production Planning. The SAP ERP system will lead to improvement of the internal organization through standardization of key business processes, business data will be centralised, information will be accessible to the management in real time, everywhere and any time for adequate informed decision-making.

Production start is planned for August, 2015.

Rubin is a well established company with more than 50 years of history in glass containers production. The plant is located in central North Bulgaria, in the industrial area of Pleven town, and is well provided for road and railway transportation.

The factory’s Production capacity is over 190 000 000 bottles and jars annually. The product range includes bottles from 100ml to 5000ml, and jars from 80ml to 2650ml. Rubin presents over 400 different articles that comprise various bottle shapes and capacities, in flint, green and uvag glass for wineries, breweries and canned food industry, for hard drink and soft drink producers and a large variety of jars for food and canned food industry.

More and more products are packed in glass containers from Rubin and reach both domestic and foreign markets.

Major customers of Rubin are manufacturers of wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, preserved food and etc.  and the products are exported in countries like Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, Russia, Kosovo, Latvia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Israel, etc.


BG BS Finished Successfully the SAP Implementation Project in Aquachim

March 2015

BG BS finished successfully the SAP project in Aquachim implementing SAP ERP Baseline. The project ended with the establishment of a comprehensive ERP solution, supporting and in pace with the growth of "Aquachim" AD.

The SAP information system will provide Aquachim with comprehensiveness and storage of information needed for decision making, optimization and automation of business processes, effective management and overall control of the processes of procurement, sales, servicing, inventory and management of stocks, accounting and controlling.

Aquachim JSC is a Bulgarian private company with Chairman of the Board of Directors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borislav Velikov, Executive director Kamelia Tzankova M.Sc. and member of the Board of Directors – Prof. Dr. Ognyan Gerdzhikov.

Aquachim can offer its customers not only goods, but high quality complex solutions:

  • promotion, distribution and delivery of chemicals, reagents, drugs, instruments and consumables;
  • laboratory design and delivery of equipment for laboratories and of systems  for online measurements;
  • consultation on accreditation acc. to ISO 17025 and ISO 15189;
  • training at its own Center licensed by the National Agency for Professional Education and Training - Specialized body to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • methodological support of customer staff in development, verification and implementation of standard and alternative analytical method

BG Business Solutions Extends its Portfolio by Offering SAP HANA and Cloud Solutions

February 2015

BG BS keeps pace withthe latest information technologies and, apart from the standard SAP ERP, now offers the innovative platform of SAP - SAP HANA for business in real time, which includes in-memory database, various applications and cloud capabilities to allow a variety of analytical tasks in real time.


Besides SAP HANA, BG BG starts offering SAP Cloud Solutions as well. SAP Cloud for Customer is a software solution from SAP, designed from the grounds up to help customers increase sales effectiveness (SAP Cloud for Sales), Respond better to Customer Requests (SAP Cloud for Services) and engage with them using social medial channels (SAP Cloud for Social Engagement). It is a full featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help customers now and allowing for growth in the future.

You can learn more about „Cloud for sales“ here:

You can learn more about „Cloud for Services“ here:

You can learn more about „Cloud for Social Engagement“ here:

BG Business Solutions Successfully Passed Audit Certification for Partner Center of Expertise

February 2015

BG BS successfully passed the audit for Partner Center of Expertise, which is done at certain intervals by SAP SE to all SAP partners wishing to deliver support services to their SAP customers. The company received a certificate confirming the quality of services in relation to the organization and SAP maintenance, according to all current technical and organizational standards of SAP SE.

You can see the certificate HERE.

BG Business Solutions took part in BAIT AWARDS 2014

January 2015

BG BS took part in BAIT AWARDS 2014 for the first time. The company wasa candidate in the category "STARTUP Company of the Year" together with 17 participants, which you can see here:

In this format BAIT organizes the competition for the fourth consecutive year and awarded 12 prizes in different categories for contribution to the development of information and communication technologie

The awards were handed in at a ceremony in Sofia on February, the 2nd, 2015, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev.

With this project BAIT aims to pay tribute to all individuals, institutions and companies that in 2014 have contributed to the development of information and communication technologies with their professionalism, innovation and active citizenship.

A total of more than 60 registrations were made in 12 categories - Educational Award, Student, Business Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, StartUp, Mobile Solutions, Municipal Administration, Public Administration, is-Business, Journalism contribution Software Entertainment and Special Award.

More information about the competition can be found here:


BG Business Solutions opens a new office in Varna

December 2014

BG BS opened a new office in Varna in December 2014. The expansion ensures even more qualitative and quicker services to current and future customers in the regions of Varna, Bourgas, Rousse, Shoumen, Razgrad, Dobrich, Veliko Tarnovo.

The company began operating in February this year and was able to swiftly establish itself as one of the preferred suppliers of services, providing integrated solutions for business process management, implementation and maintenance of ERP systems, IT infrastructure solutions and security solutions.

Throughout 2014 the team of "BG Business Solutions' has been working on 21 SAP projects, some of which have already been implemented successfully. Among our customers are different types and sizes of companies, including holding companies operating in the following sectors: manufacturing, trade (retail and wholesale), supplies, transportation and logistics, media and technology.

With the opening of the office in Varna an excellent team of highly qualified consultants, developers and professionals started work. The company plans to expand further in 2015, as part of the strategy for intensive expansion activities and enrichment of the portfolio of services offered.


BG Business Solutions took part in the annual SAP Forum in Bulgaria, organized by SAP Bulgaria

October 2014

This year's SAP Forum Bulgaria went under the slogan - "Innovation through Simplification" and took place on October 1st this year.

Within one day the event presented the latest SAP innovations, technological solutions and success stories of clients of SAP. Along with speakers from SAP SE, presentations by partners of SAP Bulgaria were also delivered.

BG Business Solutions was one of the gold sponsors of the event this year. The company had a presentation on the following theme "Best Practices in SAP Retail Execution", delivered by Dimitar Kozharov, SAP Architect solution at BG Business Solutions.

The mobile application “SAP Retail Execution” enables manufacturers of consumer goods to enhance the sales process through improved interaction with retailers. Besides the presentation of the mobile application and its architecture some of its specific features and benefits were also presented, as well as success stories of specific customers of SAP Retail Execution.

The whole presentation of BG Business Solutions can be found on the following link:


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP ERP in Pazar na Proizvoditelya – Pazardzhik

September 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP implementation project in Pazar na Proizvoditelya – Pazardzhik AD. The following functional modules will be implemented - Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution and Warehouse Management System Interface. The SAP ERP system will lead to integrating the myriad processes by which businesses operate. That is expected to save time and money, while decisions can be made more quickly and with fewer errors. Daily routines that benefit from this integration include:

  • Sales forecasting, which allows inventory optimization
  • Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfillment
  • Revenue tracking, from invoice through cash receipt
  • Matching purchase orders (what was ordered), inventory receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the vendor invoiced)

 The project go-liveis planned for January, 2015.

Pazar na Proizvoditelya – Pazardzhik is the largestthe largest regional market for fresh fruit and vegetables. It is equipped with cold stores that are rented.


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP ERP in Yuri Gagarin

August, 2014

BGBS starts SAP ERP implementation project inYuri Gagarin, Plovdiv, a leading manufacturer of multi-colour printed packaging and labels of cardboard and paper for cigarettes, food, cosmetic and other industries, and cigarette filters. The following functional modules are to be implemented – Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Production Planning.The SAP ERP system will lead toimprovement of the internal organizationthroughstandardization of key business processes, centralization of the business data, which will result in elimination of the need to synchronize changes between multiple systems, make real–time information available to management anywhere, any time to make proper decisions.

The project go-liveis planned for January, 2015.

The company was established in 1964 as the only manufacturer for cardboard and paper printed packages, cigarette filters, spare parts, non-standard equipment and recycling of machinery for the cigarette and tobacco industry in Bulgaria. Yuri Gagarin Plc operates from its plant and administrative premises spread on an area of 26 000 square meters in the north industrial area of the city of Plovdiv.

The Printing House of Yuri Gagarin Plc offers a wide range of printing services including: prepress, offset printing, UV spot and overall varnishing, roto-gravure and flexo printing, hot-foil stamping, embossing, creasing, die-cutting, PVC windowing and up to six-point gluing. The production of cigarette filters is an important part of the Yuri Gagarin Plc operations. The product list includes a great variety of mono-acetate and combined cigarette filters of different length, diameter, ventilation, pressure drop and segmentation.


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP ERP in Lacrima

July 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP implementation project in Lacrima, the first one in a customer of the dairy industry in Bulgaria. The information system will have the following functional modules –Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Production Planning.The system will lead to properly structured business processes, which will allow for a more detailed analysis of these processes. This will lead to improvement of the internal organization within the company, allocation of the responsibilities among all participants in the chain. At the same time, the flexibility of work will be maintained and the open platform of SAP, SAP NetWeaver, allows the flexibilityto easily develop new processes and functionalities.

The project go-liveis planned for January, 2015.

Lacrima was established in 1959 and is one of the oldest dairy farms in Bulgaria.

It is situated in Pazardzhik, very close to the Rhodope Mountains and Maritsa River. The place is chosen on purpose. The whole region is famous for its numerous lands and numerous hot springs, which has led to the main occupation of the region – farming and cattle.

Since 1997 Lacrima has been a private company, which preservesthe traditional taste of its dairy products. And they are still made as before – on hand, by professionals with over 20 years of experience in cheese making. 


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP ERP in Doreco Commerce

July 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP implementation project in Doreco Commerce. The information system will have the following functional modules – Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Warehouse Management, and Sales and Distribution.The system will lead to properly structured business processes, which will allow for a more detailed analysis of these processes. This will lead to improvement of the internal organization within the company, allocation of the responsibilities among all participants in the chain. At the same time, the flexibility of work will be maintained and the open platform of SAP, SAP NetWeaver, allows the flexibilityto easily develop new processes and functionalities.

The project go-live is planned for December, 2014.

Doreco Commerce Ltd. is a young company with its main designation to develop and substantiate as a leading supplier of specialized materials for the printing industry in Bulgaria.

The company offers everything necessary for the production of multi-colored printing packages from cardboard and paper for the tobacco, food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for the production of cigarette filter rods.

Its portfolio includes different kinds of cardboards, inks, hot-foils, varnishes, plug-wrap papers, activated charcoal, triacetine.

BG-Business-Solutions-implement-SAP-in-DorecoSAP-ERP-in-Doreco-by-BG-Business-SolutionsBG Business Solutions will implement-SAP-ERP-in-DorecoBG-Business-Solutions-will-implement-SAP-ERP-in-Doreco-Commerce

BG Business Solutions will implement SAP ERP in Pleven BT

July 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP implementation project in Pleven - BT. The information system will have the following functional modules –Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Production Planning.This is expected to result in optimization and automation of the business processes, effective management andbetter overall control of the processes of procurement, sales,production, inventory management and physical inventory. Special system for tracking the purchase of tobacco, which is a very specific process, will also be implemented in Pleven - BT. Each bale of tobacco is monitored according to specific characteristics called indexes. There are nearly 200 indexes for the purchased varieties of groups. Each bale is monitored from the moment of purchase until it is incorporated into production, through the use of barcode scanning devices every step of the process.

Go-live date is planned for the end of November, 2014.

PLEVEN BT - Pleven started its activity in 1921 as a commercial collecting company for the production of cigarettes.During the following years the company goes through different stages of development, including production of tobacco products, and subsequently the activities of the company consist of the following: purchasing, industrial processing, preparation for export trade with tobacco, foreign trade with tobacco. In 2005a quality management system was introduced in "Pleven BT" AD in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. "Pleven-BT" AD has commercial relations with countries such as Italy, China, Greece, the Netherlands, Brazil, Jordan, Germany, Armenia, Egypt and Moldova.


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP Roll-out project in Dubai Trade Company

June 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP Roll-out implementation project in Dubai Trade Company, Dubai. The following modules will be implemented:Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management and Sales and Distribution. This is expected to result in more effective management and better overall control of the business processes.

Go—live will happen in November, 2014.

Dubai Trade Company is a subsidiary of Bulgartabac Holding, which has long established market positions in the Middle East. Dubai Trade Company maintains contacts and develops markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

"Prestige RC + RF" is one of the leading brands in this market. Besides this range of brands, Light, Ultra Light, Slims and other versions are offered in the product portfolio of the company and fully meets the modern and sophisticated preferences of consumers in the region.


BG Business Solutions will implement SAP Roll-out project in Fabrika Duvana, the new factory of Bulgartabac in Banja Luka

May 2014

BG BS starts SAP ERP Roll-out implementation projectin „Fabrica Duvana – Banja Luka“, the new factory of Bulgartabac in Bosnia and Herezegovina.

The information system will have all modules that are already implemented in the factories of Bulgartabac in Bulgaria - Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Materials Management and Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Retail, POS, BI. This will lead to optimization and automation of the business processes, effective management and overall control of the processes of procurement, sales, production, inventory management and physical inventory.

The project go-live is planned for the end of August, 2014.

"Fabrika Duvana - Banja Luka" was founded in 1888 and is located in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since September, 17th , 2013, "Factory Duvana - Banja Luka" has been operating as a subsidiary of "Blagoevgrad BT". Assembly lines have been modernized. "Blagoevgrad BT" expects production in the new factory this year to reach 1000 tons.

BGBS-implement-SAP-inFabrica-Duwana        BGBS-implement-SAP-in-fabrika_duvana_banjaluka

BG Business Solutions achieves Gold Partner status in SAP PartnerEdge Program

April 2014

BG Business Solutions, Bulgaria's SAP Solutions provider has become an SAP® Gold Partner in the SAP PartnerEdge™ program. The Gold Partner accreditation is the highest level of recognition in the award winning SAP PartnerEdge Program.

"Our elevation as a gold channel partner will extend our wide-ranging industry expertise and capabilities in implementing efficient and stable SAP solutions in enterprises across Bulgaria" said Dragomir Marinov, Managing Director, BG BS

The SAP PartnerEdge program is an award-winning three-level program that recognizes and rewards partners for their expertise and commitment to delivering SAP solutions to customers. SAP Gold Partners are recognized as experts in supporting and delivering SAP solutions. Specific business enablement resources and benefits provided by SAP to GoldPartners include a combination of market development funds, pricing differentiation, branding benefits, access to sales and marketing tools and SAP technical resources.

BG BS will now have access to the highest level benefits offered by SAP, which will enable it to provide customers with an enhanced level of service offerings, comprehensive technical support and customer satisfaction.



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147 Tzarigradsko Shosse Blvd., fl.6
Office - Varna:  
113 General Kolev Blvd., fl. 6, office 6.6
Office - Vienna, Austria:
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 72-74
Ecke - Lambrechtgasse 1, ет.2
Тел.: + 359 879 055 777
Office - Warsaw, Poland:
Al. Niepodległości 124 lok. 15, 02-577
Tel.:  + 359 879 055 777
Office - Dubai, UAE: 
Office No. 1807-11, Concord Tower, 
Dubai Media City, P.O. Box: 392747
Tel.: 00971 (4) 559 7100